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Spring is on it's way!

Posted 4/29/2017 2:27pm by Anna Martin.

News from UW meteorologist Cliff Mass is that this is the rainiest springs in at least 20 years.  That's tough news on the farm because we need at least 2-3 consecutive dry days in the mid 50's-60's to work up the soil and prepare it for planting.  We scrapped our first three scheduled plantings this season for lack of opportunity and were fearing we would have to scrap a forth but the weather this week turned out to be so much better than anticipated!!  Aside from our late March and early April sowings, we are finally caught up with our planting and ready for the season to begin. 

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We're putting a hold on our veggie CSA but we're still offering meat CSAs.  Please visit our CSA tab for more information on our pastured chicken, duck, and lamb.

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The world of food is always changing, but in the last 5 years so much has happened in the food industry.  From on-line grocery shopping to federal regulations to minimum wage increase--all these