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We're closed for the season. We'll open again in late May '18.

December 1st, 2017

Thank you for a great season.  We will open again the last week of May. 

We'll begin taking reservations for commercial producers in February of 2018.  A commercial producer is a farm that can fill up a full calendar day (250 chickens) at least 8 times throughout the season. 

All other reservations will open up on April 1st. 

Thank you,

Osprey Hill Butchery

Poultry Processing on 11/14/2017October 30th, 2017

C Jacobson x 36 broilers C Marzolf x 55 turkeys J Macomber x 50 broilers --FULL--

Poultry Processing on 11/7/2017October 30th, 2017

M Zehr x 5 turkeys R Fischer x 100 ckn B Rusk x 25 turkeys J Weber x 7 turkeys, 15 culls M Tanis x 3 turkeys J DeVries ??? --FULL--

Poultry Processing on 10/30/2017October 30th, 2017

OHF x 250 ckn L Carpenter x 3 turkeys --FULL--