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Posted 12/5/2018 4:54pm by Anna Martin.

Osprey Hill Butchery is now closed until May of 2019.  Thank you for another great season.  See you in the spring!  Anna

Posted 3/13/2018 8:49pm by Anna Martin.

Posted 3/13/2018 8:48pm by Anna Martin.

We're putting a hold on our veggie CSA but we're still offering meat CSAs.  Please visit our CSA tab for more information on our pastured chicken, duck, and lamb.

Posted 3/13/2018 8:41pm by Anna Martin.

The world of food is always changing, but in the last 5 years so much has happened in the food industry.  From on-line grocery shopping to federal regulations to minimum wage increase--all these changes impact our business in big ways.  This year we're beginning the process of streamlining our production systems.  We're growing a greater volume of less varieties and we're also going to be adding some vintage technology to our vegetable production systems (you can google Planet Junior tractors if you want to see what I'm talking about).  During all this transition, we've decided to take a break from our veggie CSA.  Thank you for visiting and please follow along as we fine tune our farm!


Posted 6/8/2017 1:54pm by Anna Martin.

That's right! Just one week from today, our CSA members will be receiving their first box of produce & eggs.  Keep your eye out for an email from the farm with welcomes, introductions, and instructions on your first CSA pickup of the season!


Posted 4/29/2017 2:27pm by Anna Martin.

News from UW meteorologist Cliff Mass is that this is the rainiest springs in at least 20 years.  That's tough news on the farm because we need at least 2-3 consecutive dry days in the mid 50's-60's to work up the soil and prepare it for planting.  We scrapped our first three scheduled plantings this season for lack of opportunity and were fearing we would have to scrap a forth but the weather this week turned out to be so much better than anticipated!!  Aside from our late March and early April sowings, we are finally caught up with our planting and ready for the season to begin. 

Posted 4/3/2017 1:24am by Anna Martin.

Update as of 4/1/17:

Thank you for being patient.  We need a little bit more time to solidify sales contracts with buyers which informs how many days we need to be butchering for our commercial farmers.  Our calendar will open very soon.

Commercial Producers--now taking butcher reservations for 2017.  Butcher season is June 1 - December 10.

Backyard growers & homesteaders--accepting reservations in April for butcher dates in June - December 10


Posted 11/4/2016 2:16am by Anna Martin.

Please note:  Our butcher calendar is packed to over-full capacity for pre-Thanksgiving butcher dates. 

Rental equipment is available thru Whatcom Pastured Poultry Producers or thru NABC.  Both resources will come up with a Google search. 

Happy fall,

Osprey Hill Farm

Posted 5/3/2016 12:37am by Anna Martin.

We're first generation farmers which means that we're flying by the seat of our pants and learning everything as we go.  We're always pushing ourselves to take farming to another level--a more sustainable level where we're proud of what we do AND we still have a few minutes to enjoy our day.  In this quest for balance, we're trying new things and dabbling in different markets. 

Along this vein, we thought we'd graduate into the deep sea of wholesale farming and leave the comfort of CSA.  And to our happy surprise, many of our customers just flat out said, NO!  So to play to our musings for simplicity and to keep our friends and customers well fed, we've modified our CSA program a bit to reach a medium ground. 

This season, we're offering a smaller box which means you won't have to fret over un-used produce.  Our CSA season will be a full 20 weeks long so you won't ever miss out on the freshest picks.  And if you want to add more to your box, no problem!  We've added a shopping cart for produce and extra items as they become available.   Share options include a Harvest Box  or a Harvest Box + Eggs picked up weekly at the drop point of your choosing.   Last but not least, ordering our pastured chicken just got easier.  We're taking the work out of it by offering convenient cuts and sending the whole package right to your doorstep. 

Thanks for taking this fun ride right along side us!  It's always exciting and new.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can sign up for our 2016 CSA today.  Anna.

Posted 3/22/2016 8:00pm by Anna Martin.

Hello farm friends and happy spring!  As the farm starts waking up from winter, I wanted to update you on our 2016 season.


The business of farming is as unpredictable as the weather.  Each season has its own set of variables and  new challenges.  Over the past two years, we've noticed a BIG change in the way people are choosing to buy their food.  Meal kits are exploding with popularity and online buying sites are just as big a hit.  The trend is escalating and we're starting to see it affect our CSA.

In response, we decided to morph our CSA program into an online buying platform.  We will not be offering a traditional CSA box.   We'll have a lot of details to work out between now and June so please stay tuned as we transition.  And, if you'd like, drop us an email and share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback with us. 


We're very lucky to live among such an amazing community of conscientious individuals and we are so grateful for your past support.

Anna & Geoff

Osprey Hill Farm

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Osprey Hill ButcheryDecember 5th, 2018

Osprey Hill Butchery is now closed until May of 2019.  Thank you for another great season.  See you in the spring!  Anna

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