Employment and Internships

At Osprey Hill farm we offer many different opportunities from seasonal employment to internships. We can always use a hand and are excited to hear from you.



After a decade of renegade style, on-the-job, DIY training, we’ve got some of the biggest kinks worked out and we’re here to help you.  We’d  like to steer you away from some of major pitfalls so that you can start your own farm business with cool confidence.  Join our internship program in 2019 and learn some of the hardest lessons the easy way.

Our internship is a 8 month paid program. Interns will join us 3-5 days per week to accomplish the tasks of a working farm. They will have the opportunity to learn a wide range of skills through on-farm trainings, off-sight classes, and daily hands-on experience while working side by side our experienced staff.

The balance of work and education shifts throughout the season as interns gain more knowledge with which to accomplish the growing demand of the farm. Fill out the form at the bottom on the page and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!



Seasonal Employment

On the Farm: Each year we hire a small, seasonal field crew that is the backbone of our operation.  Work will include things like daily animal care and field work including transplanting, weeding, pruning, training, harvesting, washing, sorting, and preparing orders. Successful candidates will have at least 1-2 years of related experience. Work is paid hourly and starting wage is DOE.

The Butchery: Would you like to learn the art of butchering small-stock (chicken, turkey, rabbit) and join a committed crew of hardworking, skilled people? Great, you're just up our alley! Fill out the form at the bottom on the page and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!


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