Osprey Hill Butchery


Osprey Hill Farm opened a sister business in August 2014 called Osprey Hill Butchery. This is a fixed processing facility in Acme that specializes in broiler, turkey, and rabbit butcher. The facility is inspected and licensed under the WSDA and is open to the public. Our Butchery season extends from May 28 - December 6 and our butchery runs every Tuesday,Thursday, Friday.



  • Full batch of 250 chickens, 75 Turkeys, or 125 rabbits. This minimum does not have to be met by a single person.

  • Prior to processing the animals should be:

    • Crated (No cardboard boxes & not loose in the back of a truck). Need crates?  Ask us.

    • Free from food, scratch, & grass for 12-18 hours. Triple the usual amount of grit in the final feeding to clear the crop & digestive track

    • Absent from disease or illness

We Will

  • Butcher, dress, bag, weigh, and label your birds. 

  • Compost offal, including giblets (heart, liver, neck, feet), unless you specify otherwise

  • Charge extra for very large animals (chicken: 9# live weight, turkey: 35# live weight).  They are hard on our bodies, cause extra wear and tear on our equipment, and they take extra time to handle.    

  • Turn away turkeys with a live weight of over 40#.  This is the weight capacity of our machinery.